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Dicom Freight is part of the large Dicom Transportation Group. Dicom Transportation Group is proud to be involved with our employees and we are constantly looking for new ways to keep them happy and proud to be working for us. From the beginning, Dicom Transportation Group has always helped its people to grow and achieve their goals by providing the right environment and a stimulating workplace. Becoming part of our family means contributing to the success of the company while we contribute to the fulfillment of your dreams.







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  • trust
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great opportunities

with the Dicom Transportation Group

The Dicom Transportation Group offers many work opportunities within its large family. Whether you are a driver, an attendant, or a graduate fresh from university, discover the careers available in our various companies!


Dicom Express opportunities

Dicom Express is the leading company of Dicom Transportation Group and it offers a wide variety of job opportunities. Whether you are interested in sorting, lift-truck driving, accountancy or web development, we are always on the lookout for employees with the kind of expertise that characterizes our company. If you are interested in challenges and the opportunity to grow among talented colleagues, Dicom Express is for you!



Dicom Freight opportunities

Specializing in LTL and TL transport, Dicom Freight offers high growth possibilities. Now developing in the west of Canada, Dicom Freight is always looking for new talent such as lift drivers, class-A drivers, and supply-chain specialists. Working for Dicom Freight will put you into a stimulating environment within a company that is constantly searching for new ways to imagine the world of transport!



Dicom Logistics opportunities

The most recent arrival to the Dicom Transportation Group, Dicom Logistics, specializes in logistics. If you are excited by supply-chain management, have a revolutionary vision of large-scale transport, or are just curious about the endless possibilities offered by international trade, you are cut out to work in our family!