GLS Canada begins its first fully electric last mile deliveries, another step towards the company’s ambition of zero emissions by 2045.

Montreal, April 20 th , 2023

Today, GLS Canada announces the purchase of four Lion6 100% electric trucks. “We
are extremely proud to add Lion6 trucks to our fleet, which have been designed,
developed, and built by Lion Electric in Canada. It brings us joy to support a local
business and promote the local economy all while reducing our carbon footprint,” Rick
Barnes, President of GLS Canada.

These four zero-emission trucks will replace the current diesel trucks operated by GLS
Canada. Two of these trucks will be driven by GLS drivers in Quebec and the other
two will be used in Western Canada by Rosenau Transport, who was acquired by GLS
in 2021. This represents a saving of up to 400 tons of greenhouse gas (GHG)
emissions each year, equivalent to almost 80 cars on the road, or 40,000 liters of
fossil fuel saved per year. In addition to reducing GHGs, the new vehicles reduce noise
pollution and have a positive impact on air quality.

GLS Canada continues to work towards the ambition of zero emission as the
recipient of the City of Montreal’s Sustainable Development and Mobility

“The City of Montreal is proud to contribute to the ecological transition of Montreal
businesses through initiatives such as the Sustainable Development and Mobility
Program. The GLS project will set an example for other businesses," Luc Rabouin,
responsible for economic and business development, knowledge, innovation, and
design on the executive committee of the City of Montréal.

Strongly supported by GLS Group's experience, GLS Canada's environmental plan
places primary emphasis on emission reduction and avoidance with the long-term
ambition of zero emissions by 2045.

The City of Montreal approved GLS Canada for a grant of just over $1 million to
support the development of the first GLS Eco-Hub in Canada. This project includes the
installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the implementation of energy
efficient and waste reducing measures, as well as the addition of green spaces. “We
are excited to begin the first phase of the project with the electric vehicle charging
infrastructure this spring. This supports our recent purchase of electric vehicles and
will help us switch over more of our fleet,” Melanie Camara, Director Environment and
Sustainability of GLS Canada.

Further, GLS Canada's head offices already have been LEED Gold certified since 2018.
To take a virtual tour: https://leed.gls-canada.com.