January 7, 2021

Following the announcement from the Quebec government regarding additional closures and curfews on January 6, GLS remains an essential business. We have procedures in place to maintain our operations in order to continue picking up and delivering essential goods. The health & safety of our employees, drivers, independent contractors, and of course our customers remains our top priority.

May 13, 2020

As the government slowly allows businesses to open once again, it is important that our customers remain informed. The health & safety of our employees, drivers, independent contractors, and of course our customers and their packages, are always our priority.

Dicom’s Covid-19 Action Plan:

  • Social distancing continues to be enforced amongst all staff members at all our locations.
  • Dicom has established a no-contact delivery process and eliminated the signature requirement upon delivery to avoid unnecessary interactions with driver scanners.
  • Curbside pickup is now available at terminal locations. Only employees and contractors are permitted to enter Dicom’s facilities.
  • Temperature checks are performed periodically on our employees and drivers.
  • An increased frequency of facility cleaning has been put in place. Advanced sanitization procedures have also been implemented across the Dicom network, which includes vehicle sanitization kits for all tractors and forklift units as well as sanitization stations, which have been installed at all our locations.
  • Anyone who is sick is instructed to remain at home. A 14-day quarantine protocol has been established for anyone who has been exposed to the virus as well as those who may have potentially been exposed.
  • Personal protective equipment, including gloves and masks, are provided to employees and drivers.
  • Health and safety training and communications continue to be provided to all employees.
  • Employees have been instructed to work from home whenever possible in order to decrease exposure. In addition, all corporate travel continues to be restricted.
  • Virtual meetings have replaced in person meetings internally as well as with customers.
  • Dicom’s crisis management team will remain in place to handle all necessary action plans concerning the Covid-19 pandemic for as long as necessary.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate these challenging times.
For the most up-to-date information regarding Dicom and Covid-19, please continue to visit our website.

May 1, 2020

Click here to listen to a special message from our President, Rick Barnes.

April 29, 2020

During this time, any damaged or incomplete deliveries should be reported within 48 hours of delivery.

March 23, 2020

Dicom is an essential service and our operations remain available to support the needs of our clients, communities and business partners during this period of uncertainty.

March 20, 2020

Dicom continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic reports closely in an effort to maintain the health and safety of our employees and contractors, while also minimizing service disruptions for our customers as the situation continues to evolve. Measures have been implemented and additional actions will be taken as needed. Contingency plans have been put in place to ensure the safety of our employees, contractors and customers by upholding and applying the recommendations set forth by the public health authorities.

All Dicom locations have been equipped with disinfecting supplies including hand sanitizer. We are in constant communication with our employees and contractors with strict policies to remain home should anyone begin to feel sick or have any of the symptoms of Covid-19. Additionally, all travel has been cancelled until further notice and business meetings are only being conducted virtually. Each of the categories below describes additional measures Dicom is taking as well.


  • All employees with the ability to work from home have been instructed to do so.
  • Our Customer Experience team is already running remotely at full capacity.
  • If it is necessary to remain in the office, employees are following strict social distancing and hygiene practices.
  • We have increased the frequency and intensity of disinfecting surfaces and workstations and removed the need to touch unnecessary surfaces such as doors by keeping them open

Sorting Centers:

  • We are limiting access to our facilities in order to protect the health & safety of those who must continue working in these buildings.
  • Those working on the docks and throughout the sorting facilities are following social distancing guidelines and are wearing additional protective equipment, such as gloves.
  • Workstations and interactive areas are being actively sanitized with the same care and frequency as the offices.
  • Managers are closely supervising all activity to enforce full compliance with health and safety initiatives while ensuring service continues smoothly.


  • Drivers and contractors have been instructed to not hand parcels directly to customers and to practice social distancing.
  • Signatures are no longer required for delivery until further notice in order to avoid additional contact by handling the scanners. Drivers and contractors are taking note of the receiver’s names as a verbal proof of delivery (POD).
  • Our IT team is implementing a new scan to assist with the current situation: Closed COVID-19. This will help identify shipments that must be returned or stored until further notice.


We are committed to overcoming these challenges and we thank you for your support and trust.