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  • How can I create an account to use your services?

    To create a profile, go to our website to the profile section, where all steps will be shown in detail. You can also contact our customer service.

  • How can I change my company address?

    To modify the address of your company you must use the tools in your profile section, on our website or contact our customer service.

  • How much time do I need to open a new account?

    Opening an account can take up to 24 hours since the customer service must confirm and verify the eligibility of your application. However, you can use your account to request pickups even when it is in the verification process.

  • Do I need an account to send packages?

    To ship merchandise you must have a profile on our website or have a Dicom Freight or Dicom account with our customer service. If you have no account of any sort you can, depending on the merchandise, buy our MaxPak envelopes for a quick and easy delivery solution.

  • How can I order a pickup?

    To order a pickup, you must use our online services through your Dicom Freight or Dicom profile, or call our customer service.

  • How can I cancel a pickup?

    To cancel a pickup, you must use our online services through your Dicom Freight or Dicom profile, or call our customer service.

  • How can I get a price rate on my Dicom or Dicom Freight sending?

    To obtain a rate quote for your items you need to use our online services, if you have a web profile, or call customer service.

  • Do I need an account to get a rate?

    You can contact our customer service to get a rate quote for your items without having any account.

  • What are your transit schedule?

    Deliveries are made the day after the picking, except for some area outside of Quebec and Ontario. To confirm the transit time of your shipment, please check with the customer service. You can also follow at all times the location of your shipment through our online tracking service.

  • What are your drivers' schedules?

    The schedule of our drivers varies with the number of pickups per day. When you request a pickup it is possible that the driver has already pass in this region and that the pickup is made the next day only. If your delivery is urgent, call the customer service to check your options.

  • What is your fuel surcharge rate?

    Our current fuel surcharge rates change each week and are displayed on the Dicom Express and Dicom Freight websites in the Ship menu.

  • Where can I get a delivery time estimate?

    To get a transit time estimation you can use our online services even if you do not have a web profile, or, contact our customer service.

  • Do you offer ground and air services?

    We offer air and ground delivery services for shipments in the Canadian west. Delivery by air is about 24 hours while the delivery by truck is about 3 days.

  • Do you deliver out of Canada?

    Dicom Transportation Group also delivers to the United States with our American partners. For your shipment to be eligible for delivery to the United States you must respect these conditions:                                            1. You should always have in your possession the commercial invoice.
    2 If the item is for sale, you must provide the number of federal tax and the recipient's name: customs will charge you if your submission is accepted.
    3. You must specify the weight (up to 76 pounds for Dicom). Also by including the dimensions, you will get a more accurate price estimate.
    4. No personal items will be accepted ex. box of clothes, jewelry etc.
    5. Dicom Transportation Group does not transport any dangerous substance, medicine, food or perishable material and alcohol.
    6. Shipping must always be prepaid.
    7. If your shipment is an electronic product, you must have the fcc740 document.

  • Why do you only offer an overnight delivering system?

    All our operations have a duration of 24 hours for all that our deliveries Quebec and Ontario. When consignments are elsewhere in Canada or the United States operations may be longer.

  •  I missed your delivery personnel, what are my options? 

    If the recipient is not present to receive the shipment, our delivery personnel will leave a note to advise them of the delivery attempt.  The recipient may then call Dicom customer service to supply us with an alternative delivery address or provide further delivery specifications; such as leaving the package in the backyard. A recipient may also choose to pick-up their parcel at one of our terminal locations, if they are unable to receive the delivery.

  • How can I track my packages?

    You can track your shipments with our tracking service online submission. To do this, you need your shipment numbers.

  • How can I obtain a proof of delivery?

    When you track your shipments with our online service you automatically get a proof of delivery to the arrival of your package.

  • Can I modify my sending?

    It is possible to change a sending until the package is picked up by the driver but after ...

  • Where can I see my bills?

    You can view your bills from our website or ask your weekly invoice by email.

  • How can I make a claim?

    You can always make a claim through our online form or by printing the form available on the website to send it by mail.

  • What can I do to be part of the team?

    Send application to specify the desired position if too vague please specify city / branch.

  • Where do I send my CV?

    To send us your CV, use our website. You will find a reserved section for this purpose under the name "careers" in the "great opportunities". You can send your application spontaneously or search for a particular position.

  • Where can I see the jobs available

    You will find available positions on our website in the "careers" section or on jobs sites such as Jobboom, Workopolis or Monster.

  • Where are your terminals? 

    We have a large network of terminals across Canada. Please visit: ship/find our terminals.

  • What are your corporate hours?

    Our customer service is available from 7am to 9pm, Monday to Friday to answer your inquiries, except on public holidays

  • Where can I find information on the history of Dicom Freight?

    The history of Dicom Freight is available on our website in the section About Us.

  • What dangerous substances are you allowed to carry?

    Please check the list of hazardous materials not accepted by Dicom Group Transportation available on our website in our useful documents.

  • Where can I find the form without signature?

    To get the form without signature, please go to our website in the Support / Useful Documents section.

  • Who is my warehouse manager?

    To know the name of your warehouse manager, please look on our website through our interactive map. For each terminal, the manager's name is also provided. You can also go in the section About Us / Management Team.

  • Which carrier do I need to deal with for packages less than 100 pounds?

    For your 300 pounds shipments or less, you must do business with Dicom Express. For items weighing over 300 pounds you should use the services of Dicom Freight.

  • Can I ship chilled food with Dicom Freight?

    Dicom Transportation Group carries no perishable food. However, it is possible to transport non-perishable food. In addition, our trucks are heated in the winter to prevent freezing.

  • Can I ship frozen food with Dicom Freight?

    Dicom Transportation Group carries no perishable food. However, it is possible to transport non-perishable food. In addition, our trucks are heated in the winter to prevent freezing.